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imageThere it is again, the breeze–wordless whispers against my skin. Air, unseen unless it interacts. What is it that gives me life? Oxygen. O2.

You and me.

I think I know what air is but I didn’t listen in science class. I didn’t study so it was news to me that air is only made of 29.95% oxygen.

Like Me, comes the whisper. You don’t know Me unless you study. I exist to the point you open your mind to Me. Study My Word and know Me. Read and learn of Me then I will bring the Words to Life in you and around you like breath to your body, filling you with Life and Wonder, blowing past failures, disappointments, and challenges into the wind–recycled debris–like pollen discharged from the flower, fertilized by My Hand to nourish those you pray for. So My Secrets are revealed in this sacred place of time given to Me, here in the morning–let it be a morning memorial ritual to learn of Me and then take My Love into the day

Wait! What is the other 78.09% of air…?

Nitrogen. Study and learn all that you don’t know of Me.

What is the other 1%?

Argon, helium, methane, carbon dioxide, and other traces of gas. There are spores, microbes and water vapor. There is dust and pollen. Elusive mystery until studied, My Creation, My Love. Come learn of Me.

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