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Cashews always remind me of the Holidays. Cashews remind me of my son who can eat a whole can. Cashews remind me of my mom who loved them with caramels.

When there are two-for-one cans at CVS I stock up. Actually, our current stash are the cans I bought to send to my son for his Birthday but when I realized it would cost more to mail them than it did to buy them, I sent him money instead. So we have lots of cashews.

If you like them like we do, you know the thing that’s bad about them is once you start it’s hard to stop, until you know you have had too many and then it’s too late. You’ve probably spoiled your appetite for a meal. One thing you can do to prevent that from happening?

“Close the lid and put them back up on the shelf!” Todd says. That never works. But this will: make a wilted salad! It will totally distract you.

Since it’s the Holidays, the fridge is full of assorted odds and ends, right? Try your own. Here’s mine and I promise you’ll forget about the cashews.

Start with a few big swirls of olive oil in the frying pan. Any leftover green beans? Throw them in. Half a half dead sweet potato? Chop it up and let it keep the beans company. I promise it will come back to life.

Lay a big salad serving of greens in a platter and dress them up with olive oil and red wine vinegar then back to the frying pan. In go walnuts, torn up stale baguette, broken off pieces of Brie and a few more swirls of olive oil. Put a lid on it. Then back to the platter.

Sprinkle the greens with dried cranberries or red grapes or blueberries or all of them. Use up the last quarter of an avocado. Now load the greens with the contents from the frying pan and toss it up.

Sprinkle it all with fresh ground sea salt and pepper and tell me if you forgot all about the cashews and ate lunch instead.

“Good salad, honey, I feel real healthy.”

See? Try your own version and pass it on! Happy New Year almost.

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