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So you’re 60. What’s the big deal, already? Enough is enough on the subject.

Well…you try it and just let me know if it’s not.

Unlike 50, you know for certain that you’ve lived more than half your life…although…people are living longer these days. Jane Pauley says someone is actually alive on earth who will live to be 150. That’s a lot of years of wrinkles but just imagine how much you’d know…or maybe you’d be too old to know the difference.

I woke up with a hangover because someone thought it would be a good idea to join the Bitter’s Club at Nelson’s Hall last night.

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My stomach is rebelling against the bitters but I refuse to see this as a bad thing. I simply have a great thirst for life. Maddie, our bartender, said it could cure anything. She’s right. It will keep me quiet for a change.


Maybe I’ll actually finish the book I’ve been reading for months. It’s called Certain Women and I will tell you that this certain woman is not even miffed that Sam has jumped up beside her with wet feet and a snickerdoodle in his mouth. You know who gave it to him even though Sam has wheat allergies.

“There is no wheat in snicker doodles,” he says.

“Yes there is! There’s flour in them! Where do you think flour comes from?

“A flower plant.”

I reach for a Kleenex with whimsical charm to dab up the drool and crumbs. Not really. I yelled.

The fog is rolling in like any good island scene, Sam is beside me, Todd is playing his guitar on the porch and I’m getting ready to open my birthday card. The card is a surprise but not the gift. I will let you know that up to this point in my life I have worn Cubic Zirconia studs.

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Todd just said that there’s a deer down on the beach so I have to go. I’ll send you a picture of it if I get one, along with the photos I took last night of the penguins (family joke). Did you know they can fly here? Anything is possible on Washington Island…

I just wanted to say I wish you were here. Thanks for sharing my birthday with me.




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