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Valdaree Valdah rah…” he sings as we’re walking along through the neighborhood this morning. Soon enough, I realize I can’t get the tune out of my head and start humming it.

It’s a beautiful morning, temperate, hazy sunlight has appeared—the sun comes in, the sun goes out, and then comes back in. It’s just beautiful…before the snow returns…The forecast? Rain this afternoon, snow tomorrow! We’ve had a glorious week of Spring weather. My neighbor, Winnie, said she’s going to have to put all the cushions she brought out back inside on the dining room floor.

I suddenly burst into what I know of the song Todd was singing. “Valarie, Valerah, Valareee, Vala rah ha ha ha ha ha ha.” Who is Valerie? “Why were you singing that song? What comes next?” I ask Todd.

“I have no idea. It’s not Valerie, it’s Valdaree.”

“Valdaree?” What the heck is Valdaree? “No it’s not Valdaree, it’s Valarie.” I am pleased to remember more of the song and sing. “With a knapsack on my back!” Or is it your back?

“Hey! Look!” I say pointing to the statue. “There’s her knapsack! But where’s Valarie?”

“It’s Valdaree.”

“Valarie.” And so our conversations go as merrily we stroll along…

“Let’s go check on the rose bush,” I say as we start walking up the driveway at home. I had the idea to trim the bush back last fall and I’m afraid I’ve killed it. No buds. No leaves. I feel terrible. I love this rose bush that grew and grew from a little plant Todd brought home from the grocery store (you may remember because I have written about it) years ago. Last summer it exploded with blossoms, over and over again. I couldn’t believe it. Now all I see is dead looking sticks and thorns.

I inspect the plant closely and see no buds, not a single sign of new life. But something makes me look down at the base of it and lo and behold! New growth! I’m amazed. It appears to be starting over.

“What should we do know?” Todd asks. And so the day rolls on..

Every day, a new beginning! Enjoy it!

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