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“Arby’s or Taco Bell?” Todd asks. “You can’t lose with Mexican.”

Neither, I think. “We just passed a MacDonald’s,” I say thinking I can get a salad. “I don’t want roast beef.”

“Arby’s has more than roast beef. Don’t you remember? We stopped after looking at a car for Charlie. You liked it.”

“I don’t remember.”

“It was a Philly Chicken.”

“I think you probably liked the sandwich and forced me to have a bite.”

“Well, they have other things.”

“Then they should change their name.”

“They can’t. They have a lot of good will in the name.“ Todd says as he makes a U-turn back to MacDonald’s.

He orders a Quarter pounder and fries. I get a blueberry muffin and latte because I had a protein drink earlier and there are no salads. Not even a grilled chicken sandwich.

“Have a bite,” he says.


“Have a fry.”

“I don’t want a fry.” It still feels like breakfast. Sometimes I eat salad for breakfast. I head to the trunk for hummus then we start back for the freeway. “Why don’t we take a look at Arby’s menu just to see what they have. Maybe they have salads.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you wanted a salad?” Todd turns into the drive-thru at Arby’s. “I don’t like MacDonalds. I wouldn’t have eaten this crap.”

“I did tell you.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“Well, I thought it. Look! They have a chicken pecan salad sandwich.”

“I told you they have other things. Do you want one?”

“Yes. Pull up and I’ll put the hummus back in the cooler.” He pulls up to the car in front of us, I get out to open the rear hatch but I can’t get it to open. It’s a rental. So we’d have space to bring Fannie along. No cat though. Mary doesn’t like road trips so Debrasha is staying with her. I really can’t get the hatch open and there’s a car behind us waiting.

“The button is second from the bottom. Hold it down.”

There are four buttons. I try both middle buttons. No luck. “Honey, it won’t open,” I say a little more loudly.

“You have to hold it down.”

“I know. You said that. I did. Both buttons. It won’t open.” He doesn’t move so I go to the window. “It won’t open.”

“That’s weird.” He gets out. Of course the same button works for him. We get the sandwich and are back on the road.

That was fun.

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