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By Sam

After our cat Rose disappeared, I wasn’t so sure about the new kitten named Mary who came to live with us. She pestered me a lot when I was feeling blue and missing Rose. 

She still does, pester me; and I still miss Rose. But I’ve realized that Mary has taught me a few things. Like how to have nine lives for example. 

I was up most of last night bothered by the sore on my bump.

 I licked and licked and licked until I guess I wore out my skin. The bump opened up and the dam broke. 

I felt pretty sick by morning but Mary talked to me. She reminded me I still have a couple more lives left. 

Debbie and Todd were so sad, she said I better get my act together and stop moping around. 

Todd came home to help take me to the doctor. I surprised everybody, even Mary I think, when I stood up. 

I like car rides. I like ice cream too and usually when I ride in the car that means ice cream. 

So we went to see Dr. Lora and she confirmed that Mary might be right.

 I will be going back to see the doctor on Thursday. In the meantime I have to take some pills and baths and Todd and Debbie are smiling again. 

 I am too.

Dr. Lora also gave me a fancy hat to wear. I’m not so sure about it but she said I have to wear it, so I guess I will. 

I just want to say thank you for the prayers and for my great doctor. 

Okay, I gotta rest now in my new “no licking allowed” pre-surgery T-shirt.

Over and out. 

I wonder where Mary is…?


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