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I used to draw and paint. I used to sing, I used to play…the piano. Now I work and rest, I worship. I write and when I leave this life I wonder if I will leave everything unfinished.

When we are given a certain ability and it is not used, is it removed like the parable of the talents? Or is it resting somewhere and will one day again wake up? Faith leaves this life unfinished, and so will I.

But I wonder, if I pick up a pen and try to complete this sketch I began almost 50 years ago, will I finish it or ruin it? Maybe some things are best left unfinished. God has His reasons. Or maybe it is like a poem, a metaphor of the seen and unseen existing together, and it is finished!

The sense of unfinished can cause such sadness. ‘It’s over, no use trying.’ That’s a common human response. We had a milk pitcher that sat on the breakfast table when I was growing up with a picture of a cow and a lady and a tipped over canister painted on it, and the words, ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk.’

“Rise, let us be going,” Jesus said to his disciples when they screwed up and slept. He is about letting go of what’s over, and rising to the next thing. With Him, there are miracles. What seems impossible in human eyes is not in His.

So what of this inspiration? Move towards it. Rise to it. Do the next thing. Yet unfinished, but faithful. Not a failure. Should we let the sense of failure tarnish a vision? Fight to the finish.

Dance has beautiful positions, but the movement between the positions captures the rapture. A pen in hand I draw a line and then another. What lies within the lines yet unrealized? Yet unseen…? The first step must be taken without God.

Matthew 25:14-30; 26:40

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