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To set about setting things right, we need to know what is wrong. Right? But right according to whom? My right way may not be your right way. So how far will that get us in setting things right except in possibly setting ourselves up for making things wrong? Right?

And how do we get it right with God when His Ways are not our ways?

If God is Love, wouldn’t I want it His Way? And if He sees every heart, knows every thought, cry, wrong and right unless it ends with the grace He has offered us, won’t we get it all wrong?

We should be careful what wrongs we try to right. How foolish to think I am right in my assumptions and someone else is wrong when my assumptions may be wrong.

So how do we make a peace treaty anyway? It can seem impossible at times. Two wrongs won’t make a right and one right plus one wrong will at best create friction. We may want to make things right and try, but we can’t do it alone. It can only be accomplished through our participation with another.

Setting things right with others may mean admitting we’re wrong. That might be the first step. And even if we are in the right, it won’t excuse us from working together with the One Right-eous God. We might want to check in there first. Can I go before Him and say, “I am right. Right?”

We can only begin to change disorder to order, intolerance to tolerance and chaos to calm with one first right step.

From the third hour to the ninth on the Cross, Christ took on Himself all the wrongs of the world so we could be right with God. Just as the Israelites had offered sacrificial lambs on the altar at the Temple at the third and ninth hours to remove the sins of the people each day, the Lamb of God was lifted up on the altar to remove the sins of all people for all time.

The curtain separating the inner sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, where God’s Presence appeared, ripped in two, a new Way was opened that Day through Christ to the Presence of God, the wrongs of the world made right.

What has been wrong and broken is right here inside us, as is all that is right and beautiful. Christ, the One who makes his home within us, is everything that is right.

Isaiah 55:8, Exodus 29:38-39, Matthew 27:27-46

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