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Once she starts Haiku
She cannot stop counting words
It’s meditative

Their beach house is glass
Flattery is not allowed
Untruth is revealed

Social platitudes
At the sea are washed away
Shards of glass rubbed smooth


His foot prints in sand
She bends to pick up sea glass
And leaves a glass print

He hands her a shell
She puts it in her pocket
They walk hand in hand

He sees the turtle
They are walking down the road
Then turn to go back

The roar of water
Leaves them with a sense of calm
As they close their eyes


They see the restaurant
Not too far beyond the pier
But cannot get there

They climb up the dunes
Five hundred dollar fine sometimes
But they don’t get caught

They sip wine and eat
To the sound of the ocean
Trying to relax

Maybe tomorrow
As the morning sun rises
They won’t have to try


The Brothers Osborne
Blaring over the speaker
Makes her want to dance

Slow dance as sun sets
They dont feel like walking home
But she’ll waltz with him


With sun overhead
They are alone on a beach
Which stretches for miles

A sandpiper limps
Skittering on one slim leg
Catching sand creatures

The beauty of still
Sitting alone on the sand
As the waves roll in

The tide is rising
As the sun is hovering
In pink sky at dusk


Emptied to be filled
Like sea glass on the half shell
A heart overflows

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