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I just got home after walking over to pick up some Sunday morning bakery from Patty at Sendicks on Downer. Including a big Sticky Bun! We had a croissant in the freezer leftover from Charlie’s last visit but Todd likes sugar. So Fannie and I went to surprise him.

As I was making my pour-over I nonchalantly mentioned that I thought I might go to Sunday School. It’s a flexible class. I like that.

“That’s your prerogative,” Todd said, and I was relieved because we really do like being together. It’s a balance. And it’s no secret that we do different things on Sunday mornings. I go to church. He does laundry and cleans. “So that means I won’t be seeing you all day…” he continued on. (Here we go…) “Sunday School, then Church then your Greet and Connect?” (I do the Connect table after church to get more connected.)

“I’ll be home by 1:00.”

“I know. That’s what I meee-heeen. What am I going to doo-hooo?”

“We’ll have the rest of the day. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?”

And that’s true, isn’t it? So, remind me, why did Thomas Wolfe say you can never go home again…? My ex husband used to always say that. Even Jesus said it. “I tell you the truth, no prophet is accepted in his own town.”*

Well, just for today, let’s not let the story end there. God is famous for turning things upside down and always full of surprises.

Not too long ago, I settled in, stopped worrying that I didn’t have more credentials as a writer, and started being thankful for what I did have instead, like time to write and a sweet small space I call “a Little Writing Corner” right here where I’m writing to you!

Then, the very next week, I found out two of my essays were going to be published for the first time in a literary magazine. And the really special part is that the second issue would also be used to help cross promote my new biography Just Along for the Ride. I went to the moon and back!

And here’s the reason why. It’s Creative Wisconsin Literary Magazine. I’m from Wisconsin, born and raised here, I love my home and my state. I love my city, Milwaukee. And I love writing my poetry and stories about my time spent on earth here. I thought of Dad’s churches and theaters, houses and buildings all around the state. “He left buildings behind; I’ll leave words!” I told the Magazine Editor, Lisa Lickel.

It feels like such an honor to represent my state this way. So maybe my next book will be called, “You Can Go Home Again”!

Oh no…it’s 9:10…I thought Todd turned the kitchen clock back an hour. I won’t be going to Sunday School afterall…

Happy Sunday!

Back of the magazine
In my Red Cup hoodie from Washington Island. (The shirt underneath is too but it has a spot.)

My gratitude to all those at Wisconsin Writers Association who devote and dedicate their time, talents and energy to support writers and authors at all levels of their careers.

*Scripture reference: Luke 4:24

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