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I probably should have stopped to take a breath when I couldn’t find my credit card as I was trying to book a room for the night in Denver because I missed my connection.

I probably should not have had the glass of wine on the flight into Denver. My first flight had been delayed in Tucson. Unless the Denver flight was delayed too, at one point, I had three minutes to make my connection to Milwaukee. But now I had an hour! Hence the wine. “Would you like something to drink?” He asked. “Yes, Chardonnay please!”

I probably should not have been surprised when the text came in as we were landing that they switched my flight again and now only had 15 minutes to trek the length of Terminal B.

But I did not.

But I did.

But I was.

It was an adventure. My flight mates and I all missed the connection so I can’t blame it on the wine. I really sprinted and of all five of us, I was the second one to reach the gate. Ha!

The hotels near the airport were all booked. The closest was 15 miles, not too bad. ‘Be sure to pick one with a shuttle,’ Todd texted. I did. I think that’s when I let him know I’d lost my credit card. Good thing I had a backup. Todd checked with Visa and said the last charge was at the airport bookstore in Tucson. I Googled it but couldn’t get through so I sent Todd the number. He couldn’t get through either.

Anyway, the Shuttle arrived which was good because there was a nice young man I’d noticed walk past me inside wearing only a T-shirt. I had on three layers and was frozen within minutes. We boarded the Shuttle with the rest of the travelers and headed to the Hyatt.

I thought it rather odd that the driver had never heard of the Hyatt I was headed to. I checked my phone for the number that I had called and showed it to him before I got on. It was correct, he said. That’s where we were headed.

I realized as we were tooling along in the wind and snow that the person I had talked to said she booked all the Hyatt’s which explained why he hadn’t heard of the one I had a reservation at. It was a different Hyatt. I was headed to the wrong Hyatt.

I maneuvered up to the front of the Shuttle to let the driver know. By now everyone was listening. One woman assured me I was going to the right hotel when the nice young man in the T-shirt spoke up.

“I have a car,” he said. “I can take you.”


“No problem.”

“You don’t mind?”

“Not at all.”

I couldn’t believe it. Such a nice young man.

“I’m Debbie”

“I’m Brian.”

“So nice to meet you! Aren’t you freezing? Thank you! Where’s your coat?”

“It’s not a problem, I have a sweater.” Well put it on, I thought.

Just then a text came in from Todd saying, ‘Please tell me you are at the hotel.’ I told him about the little mix up but not to worry. I found a ride. The man in the T-shirt was from Denver, and he knew where my hotel was.

Then another text from Todd, ‘The hotel you are going to does not have a shuttle. If you can’t find one go back to the first hotel and get a cab.’

I let him know that it wasn’t because I was spacey, I had been misinformed. By now I was in the car with the man in the T-shirt who was in publishing, he said.

Another text. ‘You should not be in some stranger’s car! Have a plan to get out of this guy’s car. I am sure he is just being nice, but he is a complete stranger.’

It was a little late for that, we were already having a great conversation about writing. And he was a former farmer who raised sheep!

Todd called, “Where are you?!”

“Almost there. Siri is kind of taking us in circles.”

“Deborah, my God, type the address into your phone!”

“I did, but maybe the snow and wind is interfering. We keep rerouting. I have to go.” I wasn’t in the mood for any form of man-‘splaining, even if it was offered with the best of intentions.

We made it. I checked in. I think that’s when I found my credit card in my pant’s pocket, then got to my room, eventually—the first key didn’t work.

My final text from Todd read, ‘Oh thank God!!! You are safe!!!!! Tell Joan you are OK. I have been sharing my worry with her. I can stop fearing the worst.”

I did and sent her a picture to assure her, then went to the restaurant and had the best cheeseburger ever. Honestly, it really was. And, yes, a glass of Chardonnay.

And yes, sweetie, you can stop fearing the worst. I was saved by a hearty former sheep farmer who couldn’t feel the cold. If I had any doubts about angels, I don’t anymore.

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.
‭‭(Psalms‬ 91‬:‭11‬) My mom always prayed this over us when we flew. Now my sister does.

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