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“Todd,” I say after reading the comments from my writing mentor on my new manuscript. It seems the banter between two old(er) souls who have stuck together through the vicissitudes of life, with his guidance, that I have somehow captured and assembled, might work. It might more than work. What if it were to grow Wings. To me, this is a Wonder.

My mentor has pointed out that, at one point, I have written how my mother still understands best my joys and tears. How, even though she is no longer on earth, her love is always wrapping itself around me. After reading all sixty thousand some words, he has identified that the one who understands my smiles and tears best is, not my mother, but, actually, my husband!

Why hadn’t I realized that myself? It only demonstrates, once again, how all that we long for, all that we have spent our lives hoping for, all that we have searched for is, so often, sitting right in front of us…maybe even staring us in the face, or reading the paper as you begin a new day together. Drinking coffee. Or walking the dog. Or both.

“What?” my husband says as he flips a newspaper page. I cross the room to the loveseat where he is seated, which our dog Fannie will steal as soon as he stands, take a seat, then lean in and give him a kiss. “Oh, I see,” he says. “You’re thanking me for giving you all that good material!” Only Todd. At this moment, I am overjoyed with all that we have managed to build together in our relationship when, so often, things seemed to be falling down all around us.

It’s a rare moment, or so it seems at this moment, one that I have longed for, hoped for, searched for. I am complete. We laugh. I am happy. When I am happy, he is happy. We laugh together. I believe I have received the revisions and edits that will transform the manuscript. I have worked hard on it. But more challenging than the manuscript, I have worked hard on myself.

I realize, as I have been working and writing, God has been editing, revising and transforming me, my life, our lives together. I am overjoyed, and Todd makes a joke. That is so Todd. He has always had a hard time accepting a compliment.

Now, back to work.

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