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Christ’s Love




A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods

We hear the music of laughter, we hear rumblings of applause. We hear the shouting and rampage, we hear incessant banter. Only God hears the silent cry. Is it our disagreements over religion that offer solution to a longing heart or the silent cry to God believing...

I Am the Center

you are the dancer i am the dance i’ll teach you poise and give you balance   unbelief, your obstacle, uproots and ungrounds flow and grace in those I’ve searched for far and wide and have found   my strength intensifies when you dance with another eye to...

Mercy Me

Look to Me, He says. Joy invades, fear runs, hope wins. Life is yours, revitalizing, transforming, flowing. Go on, tell others what saved you. Now is not the time to be silent. Tell the story of how you were saved from the death of your spirit. How you fought until...

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