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Who Says You’re Getting Older?

There was a turning of the tide this past Sunday. It was a day I realized that trying too hard to be good can be bad. Dad had overslept and texted to tell me he’d be late picking me up for church but still wanted to try and make it. I could have offered to pick him up...

Little Black Dresses?

Late last fall, Dad and I were in the car on our way to the Sunday service at a church he had designed. He’d been asked to give a talk on it for Doors Open the following week. It was a church designed with a hill around it, a solar tower and grass covered roof—green...

Happy Birthday Dad

Dad will turn 85 on February 9. A year ago, I found a birthday card that read, Still rockin’ and rollin’ at 85! so I bought it and told Dad he better stick around to get it. I knew he would since I had spent my money on it. It’s almost been a year...

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