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God’s beauty




Where We Walk

Where We Walk

Carousel music Sails across the sky to me. Just the thought of you Makes things whimsical. So does walking beside you, It is magical. Inside a bookstore Window, we see a book called “Life Is Hard.” It is. I am happiest Walking outside in the sun. The light lifts my...

Beauty Enters Slowly

The wind is coming from the north. I notice it first because the tall grass is bending to the south and then I am aware of its caress against my skin. The sun’s heat presses down and enters.  You always wait for an invitation.  The grass stills. The bee flies...

Full Moon 

I thought I’d let too much of the afternoon get away from me. I had wanted to take a walk.  I shut the door behind me as the sun was going under, the wind changed direction off the lake within a couple blocks, and I was sorry I hadn’t worn an extra layer....

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