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I’m Here Sis

I’m Here Sis

I heard a child This morning Ask her mother, “Why do leaves Have to die?” as she Crunched through a pile of brown crumbles On the sidewalk. “The colors were So pretty!” she said. “Where Did they go?” I didn’t hear The mother’s Response. Maybe I would have said, “We...

Full Moon 

I thought I’d let too much of the afternoon get away from me. I had wanted to take a walk.  I shut the door behind me as the sun was going under, the wind changed direction off the lake within a couple blocks, and I was sorry I hadn’t worn an extra layer....

Timeless Island

Washington Island is a little piece of heaven–packed full of memories. Kids have grown up, some have passed on. Each year I come back, I am older but the Island never changes and when I’m here, it has a way of feeling like we’re all together again....

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