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Mother and Son




It's a Baby! A Story of Faith

It's a Baby! A Story of Faith

As I think of you turning 35 today, I remember how my mom would always call me on my birthday and tell me my birth story. I’ve forgotten bits and pieces of it now and wish she were still here to ask. Though I forget her words, I can still hear her voice, just as I can...

My True Love Gave to Me

The day before Christmas, we talked about waves. My son’s call came in the early morning from a thousand miles away–I closed my eyes so he could sit beside me. It was an honest talk… where we let the truth rise and fall on each other. A mother...
Poor Man’s Pepper

Poor Man’s Pepper

My son, Charlie, is married, and in his thirties now. But I still feel the same about him as I did the day I first held him in my arms. He looked up at me and winked. Little did I know it was a foretelling that he would always be a couple steps ahead of me. He weighed...

My Baby’s Getting Married

We turned into a long drive with pasture on either side of us. A horse stood with her foul in the distance on one side of the road. A mother protecting her child, I thought to myself as the gravel spit out from under the back tires. Lush green grass and trees spread...

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