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Eyes clear, ears open. Each stone a stepping stone,
not one impedes your progress. The veil discloses gray
forms, edges and outlines only, yet above and beyond,

energy—ever-active, inventive, protective—in and around
us, comes. This chance at Life. The yearning for oneness
connects us, contented, we slowly hear, begin to see

in the forms, edges and outlines that which was once
overlooked. From a distance, the water’s surface
resembles a sprawling field. There, just beyond,

hundreds of specks, diving ducks, appear, disappear,
reappear. Past the warning sign, “No Lifeguard
on Duty”, ice broken and choppy, heart battles with thoughts—

a hair’s breadth from choppy, comes peace. Wings,
as gulls suddenly rise off the lake, slash and swoop,
up down, up down, up down. Exhilaration overshadows

humility in the heights. Down below, with water comes
release—the freedom discovered in contrast to our
heights and depths, the place inside where humility is birthed.

The Sun’s light, sheltered behind a swath of clouds
subduing its brilliance, reveals shadows within and
around us. Water rushes up to the tips of my impractical

shoes and I step back as the charcoal water sparkles
like stars in the night sky. I’m at once reminded of my
own immersion, this surrender to the One who

holds it all
in One hand and
us in the other.

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