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Don’t tell her I’m coming
I won’t
Let it be a surprise
I will
Does she suspect?
I don’t think so
Not sure…?
I said nothing
I’ll stay back when we land
That’s a plan
Let her think it’s just you
Will do
I’ll take my guitar
Good idea!
She has always enjoyed it
It’s true
Will she meet you at baggage?
I think so
You stand there and wait to receive it
She’ll suspect something’s up when she sees it
And then?
I’ll sneak up from behind and hug her
Then I’ll catch a picture. And post it!

That was the plan to surprise my sister. But like everything else this week it didn’t play out quite according to plan.
I sent a picture from Dallas, to divert her so she’d think I was traveling alone.
Our plane was early. I got my bag and Todd’s guitar as he stayed out of view. My phone rang.
I’m here!
So am I! Here I come!
Is there anything more beautiful than meeting someone you love at the airport?
Oh no. I forgot my coat.
Go get it!
I went to alert Todd and ran back.
Where’s your coat?
It was gone.
Someone took it?
No biggie. It’s happened before.
Have room for one more? He had snuck up to the car window.
She shrieked.
I cried as they hugged, and forgot to take a picture.
My little sister had received news this week that she would be needing a serious surgery.
When you get a call like that the world changes. For about ten minutes it spins.
We’ve been through this before, she says. We’ll do it again.
Sorry you have to go first, but you know I’ll probably be next, I say. She smiles. Don’t worry! I will be with you.
We know how to do this, she says.
I’ll be back and stay with you each day. You’ll be up walking and home in no time.
She smiles again, this time, with tears in her eyes.

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