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“It’s a yoga mat and I’m getting it!” I can’t believe what I just found at a gas station. “Janet used these in her classes.”

“You remember that from Janet’s yoga class 14 years ago?” He says as he drives away. “Your mind. You really crack me up.”

“That’s what it is, and it was really cheap.” I say trying to brush the lint off that has shed all over my black t-shirt. “You can put it underneath you if you have lower back pain .” He looks at me in a quizzical fashion. “You know, for support. Rolled up. To stretch.”

“Like a pillow.”

“No, not a pillow, I mean for your back.”

“Oh, under your back.”

“Yes.” How have we communicated for 24 years?

“You’re not going in any more stores. I can just see you sliding around on the wood floor with that thing. Have you touched it? It’s really scratchy.”

He’s still laughing ten minutes later as we’re driving along. “What is so funny?”

“It’s like the reverse of that pussy faced thing that happens when you cry.” More laughter. Honestly, I wonder if he got stoned in the bathroom.

“You have fun on road trips…I don’t remember where we were when we stopped. Did you get a receipt?”

“Why would we need a receipt?”

“For the story I’m sure you’re going to write.”

Oh, right, the yoga mat, he wants me to write about. That’s funny. Haha. To him. He’s still laughing. I don’t know why. “Actually…it’s a yoga blanket.”

He picks the coffee up I just got out of the cup holder and it spills all over.

“Omg. You didn’t put the lid on!”

“Yes I did.”

We made it to Winchester, Virginia where my son lives, loaded up on groceries, then drove a couple of very slow bumpy miles on a dirt road to a secluded little nest on the Shenandoah. WiFi? Not so good, and that’s probably a good thing. ❤️
Thanks so much for keeping me company! Sending love ❤️

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