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Have you ever had an unexpected guest travel along side you as you take a walk—-in front, behind, above, beside and bop you on the head kind of guest? Funny Monarch. Nature’s tinker bell, spiritual symbol, life’s reminder of hope sometimes knows it has to stick around a little longer than usual.

Have you ever intruded on bugs making love…?— shamelessly zoomed in and captured the moment while feeling quietly at one with the world? Did you notice that they winked their delight at you for immortalizing them? Happy bugs!

Have you ever noticed just one wild lily flaming it’s color, upstaging an oak that has stayed its course, endured the storms for many moons when suddenly this whipper snapper of the woods bursts out right in front of it, upstaging and stealing the moment all for itself?

But the old tree will be there when the flower folds into itself, fades from sight and disappears. The lily has much to learn from the oak. And so does the oak from the lily!

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