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Wait! What if love is Food?

What if love is Wine?

What if love is a Lifeboat in waters too deep?

As if I had been too preoccupied previously, Love spoke up. “I am the Bread of life, I am the Cup of Grace.

“I have saved you in the storm. I have renewed you—mind, body and spirit. I have mended up your broken soul.”

Love has given me rest and restored my strength. And when my grief was too great, when despair did steal my breath, when I was sleepless and lost, Love did not forsake me, Love did not forget me, even though I had forsaken and forgotten it and the One who gave it all.

When you venture into Love’s territory, you have to be ready for a ride. And just to drive the point home, Todd happened to take the day off today, and asked me if I wanted to take a road trip.

“Look!” He said as we drove. “You need to take in the scenery. Look at those clouds!”

I don’t suppose it was a coincidence that my Devotions this morning began with Rev:1. “Look! He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him…

How God’s grace flows in and can cover every word wrongly written, every word misspoken, every deed poorly lived, and, oh, how I give thanks for that.

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