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I have not yet learned
to hold back
my words in Prayer.

I sit – silent – and words do come
floating on wings,
butterflies in my brain.

In silence – You fill me
I overflow with Words.

Why, Words come to life
in Silence!

Have I so misunderstood?
Do I have this wrong?

For Your Word does reveal
my empty state,
this is too true

Yet how foolish am I?

In my Meditations –
these imaginations
and contemplations
which have taught me so

About Love
About Death and Life and
About You –

Words have been
my very Breath.
My Sustenance!

But how greedy of me
to let Words become my

Hour beyond Holy Hour
Time has stopped
in Your Presence and
Words have not

How rudimentary my rumination
in the face of Your Gentle Persuasion.

But wait, could this be true?
As Your Word
does fill me, my words do cease?
Your Word
so Quiets me
my own words flee?
And they are – all – Yours!

This is so like You!

Who makes themselves thus – Less –
so that others can become more?
Of this You have taught me well.
But more than You?

Even in Your All-Mighty-ness,
Lord, You do sit with me and allow
me to be more than

You Yourself?
You become a Morsel of Bread
In which to feed me –

Oh, my WORD
now I am wordless!


Photo: Aaron Burden

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