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Sometimes I’m so excited to get back to my work that I forget to enjoy the French toast and blueberries and warm maple syrup. And butter. At breakfast.

Sometimes I race through the raindrops so I don’t get wet and miss the best pictures of spring unfolding.

And other times, time feels heavy, my thoughts so weighted, they turn to sludge and there is nothing worth slowing down for.

Then I can only hope to move through those days until beauty lights my eyes and heart once more.

It’s been so long since I’ve written to you. I’ve been revising and editing and working on “administrative writing tasks” you might say.

And if truth be told, I started questioning all these blogs I’ve written over the past decade, wondering why I didn’t spend more time revising and editing. I started questioning everything. But have you noticed?

The irises are everywhere!

Sometimes when the Spirit moves you to write, nothing else matters. No rewrite will measure up to the beauty that passes through you in those moments when you are in the flow.

The irises, these dancing ladies, just pop up in our little garden without any help from me.

I regretted not slipping my phone into my back jeans pocket on our walk one day this past week. I missed capturing photos of the deep dark purple ensemble flowing in unison wearing colors that matched the midnight sky on a moonlit night.

And I missed the light delicate peach dresses of the corps de ballet lined up in front of the lighthouse, but I did get these and they reminded me of a beautiful story about dancers.

Dance and beauty are inseparable just as so much of life is. In most of the worst of the worst of conflicts, beauty outshines the mis-steps.

When everything seems dark and falling apart there is the scent of rose petals floating in the air to you, the bleeding hearts hanging beauty on your grief, the spines of pine cones there to remind you of the strength in your own.

And there are still the buttercups, maybe in your own backyard. Such abundance. One noble little yellow fellow would do, his face reflecting all of heaven within it just for you.

Do we need more of a reminder that God sees us so differently than we see ourselves?

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