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Sometimes I have to
be reminded there is no
place too hard for grace.

Sometimes I have to be reminded how loved we are.

Sometimes that’s hard.

With all the contrary words and messages, I have to remember to look in before I look out.

Looking in is a form of prayer, waiting, worship, listening, watching, repenting, believing.

Sometimes I think I can’t pray at all. But I know I talk to God a lot. And I listen. In the quiet of my familiar room where I have spoken the name of Christ, I listen.

I think it’s only prayer that will turn things around. Well, and love.

It’s no secret that I love to write, most of the time. Except when I try too hard.

Writing has become a form of prayer for me, except when I try too hard.

Writing has become a form of worship too, most of the time. It’s hard to try too hard at worship. Either you do or you don’t. God knows the heart.

My husband often says I try too hard. It’s not a great quality. I’m aware of that. It can make people uncomfortable when you’re trying to make them comfortable.

Prayer and worship are relatives though, don’t you think? If you worship, you are praying when you aren’t even aware of it.

One day we may realize that our lives have become one big prayer and everything we do is one big form of worship. That would be a happy day.

I’m aware prayer and worship mean a lot of different things to different people. It’s good not to compare oneself to others on either count, just as it’s good not to compare oneself to others period. I’m still working on that. I’m too old for that. Comparing oneself distracts oneself faster than chocolate.

The concrete, specific, expectant, hope-filled prayers—your own and others—will always fill you with light.

I think of my dad designing buildings made of concrete. He was drawn to concrete. His thoughts and ideas were concrete. His faith was concrete.

My mom on the other hand was all light, even in sickness and sorrow. She had a way of bringing light into relationships even when there was hurt and misunderstanding.

She brought light into her home, into others’ lives, into the places she prayed and worked and worshipped, even when her home meant a tent, and work meant disagreement.

They were both big prayers and worshippers. I think their lives did become one big prayer for others and form of worship. It was their concrete faith that brought that light. But it didn’t happen overnight!

Watching them age and caring for them, and ultimately losing them grew my faith more than anything else I’d ever experienced. My hopeless always turned to hope-filled.

If we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another. 1 John 1:7. Fellowship: camaraderie, friendship, mutual support, respect, liking. We have love and love changes everything, well, and prayer.

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