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I turn to face the window, the pleasure of a soft pillow under my head and a warm quilt over me.

How precious the moment. I open my eyes just as the sun is lifting its weight from its own bed.

‘The Glory of God,’ I think to myself and pray thanks for the day.

Words ran through my head during the night–writing in my sleep I call it.

‘Remember that.’ I try… blurs and fades. All but a soul whirl, Search me O God and know my heart.

I dreamt I stole something. What…I can’t think. I don’t remember. Someone’s joy? How often have I done that? Yes, God was searching my heart.

My stories are long and weighty. I know. I’m sorry…

Yet I write with one purpose in mind. To share the weight and depth of God’s love–His Light expressed through the weight of our lives….


*Psalm 139:23

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