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I was out of town for five days so I was skeptical  about opening  the refrigerator tonight.
After I started defrosting some chicken breasts and put a pan of rice on the stove, the multi-colored carrots caught my eye in the fruit drawer—purple and yellow carrots. They’re like beets, squash and carrots all wrapped up in one. And the celery. Carrots and celery would do the trick. I didn’t even head to the cellar steps for a Vidalia; just sliced these guys up, paying careful attention to the line of the cut and width to make it special. Simply special.
I sprinkled tarragon on the thawed breasts then wanted to write to my son for advice on what the heck goes with tarragon, but charged ahead with smashed garlic, ground pepper and ground some sea salt on top  too, then rubbed.
After I flipped the chicken slices and made them do a little extra work scrubbing off the golden brown coating covering the bottom of the pan, I cut up the half red pepper staring at me. Then I tore apart Kale—tore off the yellow leaves I should say—and threw them in, stirring it around to wilt the greens.
Maybe it was onion it lacked but I knew it needed something just as beans called to me from the cupboard. White beans. I was quick to respond; gave them a shower before tossing them in with a good shake of cayenne—Todd likes spicy—and threw the tarragon chicken on top.
Delicious. Todd ate his plate with tahini, after removing the kale. “I don’t like the texture,” he said.
“No problem. I love it.” We’re the perfect pair.
Then he picked out the celery to eat first. “The flavor is different. I like the beans and peppers together.” Keep it simple, I hear again.
Maybe there’s some advice in this supper for the direction of my new Website…?
Anyway, Mr. Sam is happy to have me home.

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