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The air was zip up your collar cold today. The ground is hard but has remained green. Well, greenish anyway. The snow seems to have passed us by. I’ll light candles on Christmas Eve and set them in the windows to light a glow in place of the snow, in honor of the One who didn’t pass us by. And I’ll thank Him for His Presence in this, His dwelling place.
As I took a seat at my desk this morning, I felt a sense of awe, and a tad bit of terror over what I could possibly write that hasn’t already been written. So I offered myself and said,  I am Your servant, Lord. Bless me with words that may reveal the majesty and mystery of Your Presence to someone. Bless me here in this place, at my desk right now as I begin to write. I began to type…
My peace I bring to you. Not peace as the world understands it.
Peace in all its mystery, as on that ponderous, wondrous night, when the star shown bright and the shepherds saw it and knew it was You. How did they know that…? That you had come to earth? I should know that.
An angel of the Lord shone around them, as the sun shines in your window. It needs cleaning by the way.
I know. Todd is a little unsteady on the ladder.
I don’t mean that. I meant the window of your heart.
Oh, right.
They were terrified.
The shepherds were terrified by the glory displayed by the angel that night.
Kind of like me right now as I write.
And what did the angel say?

“Do not be afraid. I bring you news of great joy that will be for all the people.”
How strange that I would forget that after all these years of hearing it and reading it.
No worries. I prefer that you ask questions rather than lean on your own understanding…or on your memory.
That’s for sure. What happened then?
The angel said that a Saviour had been born to them in the town of David.
Their Saviour…
Yes, the Saviour as much for them over 2000 years ago as for you today.
The One who saves us from feeling terrified.
The One who rescues and redeems.
Can I ask about that angel…?
An angel is a heavenly host not always seen by the eye. Angels are all around but you need “eyes” to see them. Should I continue with the story or are you good?
Continue. Sorry.
What are you sorry for? This is My greatest joy—spending time with you, just talking.
Mine too. Please go on. Sorry for my poor memory.
The angel told the shepherds that they would find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. That’s when a great crowd of angels appeared to them, praising and saying, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace and Good will.”
That’s almost too much for my heart to take in…and I know so many who don’t believe that as truth. As I hear You speak it, I can understand it but you have to admit, it’s overwhelming.
Faith is believing without seeing. But there may be need for a window washing first.
Someone to clean the heart’s window.
Well then, wash the windows. Grant us more faith Lord, and please go on with the story.
The shepherds went off and found Mary and Joseph and the baby lying in the manger.
How did that manger feel to you?
I felt Love.
You had quite a life ahead of You.
Yes, which led Me right here, right now, to you, to this present moment.
Thank you for reminding me that Christmas is about the Gift of Your love for us—those of us who often feel like the shepherds—a little out in the wilderness, maybe a little defeated, perhaps near ruin, if not terrified.
Always remember, it was the lowly shepherds, faithfully watching who saw glory’s star and were never the same again.
Your Hand is on me and like Mary, I ponder Your Words in my heart and rejoice. For the Christ Child has been born anew within me this day. This, Lord, is my Greatest Gift. Christ in us, the Hope of Glory…and I thought I was going to write about my Christmas cookies today…
They are good cookies…share the recipe.
I gave them as gifts.
I know.
 For further reading: Luke 2: 1-20; Colossians 1: 15-29
Photo by Kira auf der Heide

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