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Through the Tall Wooden Door

Through the Tall Wooden Door

Through the tall wooden door she leaves one realm and enters another, turning the nob, stepping into dawn’s light, streetlights yet lit, half-moon lingers. The sun hovers above horizon, a mirage, holy light, appears with early morning dog walkers. Icicles break free...
Being in the Heart of the Moment

Being in the Heart of the Moment

My faithful partner tried to put up the screen door earlier, we both forgot where he put the screws and hinges last fall. It’s a warm spring morning, a little muggy, clear sky, just the slightest veil of mist. Shadows land in shapes and patterns covering the street....

Missing Mexico

Refreshed from sleep eyes open wide in silence and light here I lie   Holding fast to the beauty seen and now gone in stillness the picture’s within   I long for the air the moisture and heat climbing rocks crave sand on my feet   I long most of all for Your...


We wait Long days, noise, silence Chilled, weakened Fruit has not yet appeared But see wonders Promises of rebirth In you Around you

Red on Blue

Sun caresses my closed eyes Birds sing me into silence Buds on branches burst green, pulsing with unseen life Red cardinal lands on limb, fidgets, flies A memory of beauty Majestic red against blue sky A touch of Love on my heart  ...

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