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Fanny sleeps, Mary
Watches as Todd fixes the
Window that blew off

The house. I breath in
The scent of pine and coffee
And wonder if there

Was a send-off. I
Look at the lights on our tree
And wonder if Christ

Met with Moses or
Walked with the Father beside
Glistening waters

Pondering as they
Prayed for all here on earth? Was
There one final meal?

Did He disappear
To reappear in the dark
Of Mary’s womb? Or

With Gabriel, through
Heavens, through galaxies, bursts
Of flames, shooting stars

Did He travel to
arrive–planted seed–while the
World lay sleeping?

Born of Light, He brought
Light into our night, and will
Come again. Candles

Are lit, flames of hope
For the lonely, lit for the
Tempted, the lost and

Broken, the wounded,
Or mildly contented. We
Stand before the lights

On the trees, in front
Of wreaths on the doors where He
Knocks and listens. He

Waits. Do we hear? He
Once walked in sandals, betrayed
And rejected, is

Acquainted with all
That we carry and bear. He
Sees. He’s the host of

Advent, who protects
And provides abundant love
And healing. Grace meets

Repentance. So sing
Songs of joy, He comes for a
Reason. New Life—to

Plant love within us.
A path lies before us, lit
Bright with hope—leading

Us from wondering
To Wonder. Where is the True
Light found this Advent?


Contemplating Advent through Haiku. Adapted from Deb’s Advent Calendar 2019, Day Five.

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