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Day 2 Road Trip

“Where did you put that muffin?” Todd asks. We just had breakfast. Omelets and waffles. “What’s the beeping?” Todd also asks.

We’re back on the road, books and computer organized, heading up a hill through lush pastures of green, mountains surround us with a clear blue sky after a good night’s rest in Clairesville, Ohio, (I think, I’m not sure, I don’t know, but they were very dog friendly.) I look at my seat belt, at Todd, at Fannie. “I don’t know what that beeping is.” I open my computer.

“You work in the car just as if you’re at home. Warning: lift gate open.” He says. “You didn’t close the hatch all the way.” He pulls over.

“Good, I’ll get the muffin.” I reassemble everything and hop out. I’m a little surprised to see the entire hatch still open. “Honey, we were driving with the hatch up.” There’s some laughter.

I have to hang on it to make it close. “I can’t believe we didn’t leave a trail!” I shout. “I thought you said it closes by itself.” Honestly, closing it had not occurred to me. I was busy getting my books organized for the day. I have only edited 23 pages of my latest draft and have 170 to go.

“You have to push the button or give it a little nudge first.”

“Well then you shouldn’t say it closes by itself.”

We’re back on the road and passing an Auto Zone store.

“Did you still want to stop at Auto Zone?” He jokes.

Ha ha. Very funny…

“Did you get the muffin?”

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