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Morning in Paris

The sun’s just out. We’re settling in. It’s 12:30pm, we made coffee in the room with cream. (Todd made it :).) I know it’s late for morning coffee but we finished dinner at 11:00 pm! I’m excited for the day and sitting by the window. I...
My Little French Adventure

My Little French Adventure

I don’t have many meltdowns, do I? Todd, mumbled something which I couldn’t make out. I remembered my dad before a family vacation. I was always certain that our trip would be cancelled but it never was. Now I understood. Leaving one life—even for a short...
Message From Sam’s Couch

Message From Sam’s Couch

We’re 23 minutes ahead of schedule, there is light outside the airplane windows and before long we will be landing in Paris. We decided to fly to the City of Lights before we knew Sam would need surgery. I pushed through the final stretches of work, fitting in a...

The Sand and Surf and la Saladita

We took a road trip to La Saladita on the last day of our vacation to watch the surfers. It’s the wave machine they say—small waves for beginners and long surfboards. It was a scenic drive. We finally found the spot after a lot of back and forth and twisting up and...

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